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- For easy transfer datas with the most CNC-Controllers -

Up-to-date CNC-Management

To be better than the competitor means today to deliver the customers products in high quality in the shortest time. To get closer to an efficient production, you have to use a modern CNC-Management.
The rapid access and editing of CNC-Programs allows also a reduction of setup times since the programs can be transferred to any machine (of course only under the same machines and control types).
This is an hourly rate of 80$ to 200$, especially advantageous, because you don't have to change the program at the machine but rather produce or modify the programs at the PC, so the machine can continue working in time.
After a short test at the machine, the transfer can be further-produced.
Beside the flexible shipment of CNC-Programs and the machines, the CNC-Manager offers itself
also for an essentially improved data security.
You/they can save all your data like, for example NC machine data, secure Tool-Offsets, PLC machine data.... (the list can be continued at will).
Do you know how expensive a data loss is, for example by empty batteries or by a memory error?
You cannot work with old punching tapes.

We have the solution!

You can easily transfer datas for example with Siemens or Sinumerik (810, 820, 850, 840, 840D, 3M/T.....).
Fanuc is also possible ( 0M, 6M, 10M, 11M, 18M, 18i, 21M, 210i.......).
The most CNC-Controllers are connectable to this program.